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Placentia Intertown Come Home Year 2012.
July 20th - 29th, 2012

We are attempting to compile a list of interesting facts about the Placentia Area, from Ship Harbour to Big Barasway.  If you have an interesting fact or story to share, please contact us via the e-mail button above.  Thank-you!

For example, did you know that....................................???
.1---The first Placentia Regatta was held at the Blockhouse and the first president was Tom Hickey, former Minister of Social Services.
.....submitted by Gene Collins

2---The stones that were used to make the fort on Castle Hill were quarried in Placentia next to Bernard Mulrooneys house at the foot of Dixon's Hill. An often overlooked fact when mentioning Castle Hill and the topography of Placentia.
.....submitted by Scott O'Keefe

3---The first bridge across Placentia Gut was a pontoon bridge built by the Americans in 1942.
....submitted by Anne Sweeney

4---Sacred Heart Parish, Placentia, is now known as Our Lady of Angels & is comprised of the following parishes combined as one: Little Placentia (Argentia) established in1835, moved to Freshwater in 1941 as Most Holy Rosary Parish; Sacred Heart Parish in Fox Harbour, est. in 1945; Sacred Heart Parish, Placentia, est. in 1785.
.....submitted by Our Lady of Angels Parish with additional info by Patricia Power

5---Margaret Meade Power of Ship Harbour was a midwife and she used to go by boat to Placentia when there was no doctors.
.......submitted by Angela Power

6---Sylvana Tomaselli Windsor, the Countess of St. Andrews was born in Placentia in 1957.
.....submitted by Rhonda Power
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